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Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks
09:00am - 09:15am Eastern - September 14, 2020
Robert Boyda, Manulife Asset Management

The State of Sub-Advised and Multi-Managed Funds
09:15am - 10:05am Eastern - September 14, 2020
Jayson Bronchetti, CFA, CAIA, Lincoln Investment Advisors; Carl Robinson, Genesys Research
• Analyze developing trends and mandate change activity in the current market environment
• Get insight on how the current environment and associated pressures are impacting the business and how they’ll shape and change it moving forward
• Understand the timing and trends in sub-advisory searches

Breaking it Down: Performance in the Recent Market Environment by Asset Class
10:15am - 11:00am Eastern - September 14, 2020
Michael Sciortino, BNY Mellon; Niall O'Sullivan, Mercer; Christopher Tessin, Acuitas Investments; James Carpenter, Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss
• Analyze the recent market environment’s impact to sub-advised strategies in specific asset classes
• Discuss opportunities in small cap funds and capacity constrained strategies
• Learn how private equity, hedge funds are faring in sub-advised mandates
• Address the liquidity and pricing issue within the fixed income market and how to mitigate this with the next blow

Changes in Sourcing Requirements and Operational Due Diligence
11:10am - 12:00pm Eastern - September 14, 2020
James Dunham, William Blair Investment Management; Michael Paciullo, Wells Fargo Investment Institute; Paul Mikelson, Columbia Threadneedle Investments; Philip Kalus, accelerando intelligence
• With COVID-19 impacting mobility and communications, discuss the long-term impacts to sourcing requirements
• Understand the changing due diligence process and compliance requirements to stay ahead of the game
• Get insight from gatekeepers on what asset managers should know about current selection and monitoring processes

Making the Connection: Effective Communication and Recent Trends Mid-Pandemic
12:30pm - 01:15pm Eastern - September 14, 2020
Christa Maxwell, Acuitas Investments; Rufat Garalov, CFA, CAIA, Transamerica; Laura Lutton, Morningstar
• Stay relevant – assess the lasting effects prolonged quarantining has had on how the industry connects and learn how gatekeepers want to be contacted
• Discuss the most effective and efficient technology enabling people to work remotely and how it’s changed business as we know it
• Learn best practices for collaborating on marketing materials to get the message out to the end client effectively
• Sub-advisor due diligence during the pandemic; ongoing monitoring, new searches and virtual visits

The Q & A | Love it or Hate It, You Can’t Avoid It
01:25pm - 02:10pm Eastern - September 14, 2020
Anne Banks, gr8 communications
• Gain practical tips on how you can make the most important part of your presentation more successful
• Learn concise, clear steps to consistently answering questions well
• Clarify your strategy for taking questions: when, whom and how?

ESG in Sub-Advised Mandates and Hidden Risk
02:20pm - 03:10pm Eastern - September 14, 2020
Leslie Samuelrich, Green Century Capital Management; Eivind Lorgen, Nordea Asset Management; Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB); Steve Freedman, Pictet Asset Management; Kevin Mahn, Hennion & Walsh Asset Management
• Learn how to position your firm in a marketplace with a growing and opportune appetite for ESG integration
• Discuss the standards and metrics used in manager research and selection for ESG mandates
• From PRI scores to office morale, discover which integration factors gatekeepers are scrutinizing to uncover greenwashing and hidden risk

Systemic Change with Diversity and Inclusion and Chairperson’s Summary of Day One
03:20pm - 04:20pm Eastern - September 14, 2020
Brandi Colander, The Raben Group; Brenda Chia, Association of Asian American Investment Managers (AAAIM); Harold Singleton III, CFA, Lincoln Financial Group; York Lo, CAIA, CIMA, John Hancock Investment Management
• Address the conditions that have fueled racial inequality in order to create effective initiatives than can bring about real change
• From hiring Chief Diversity Officers to promoting investment clubs and offering scholarships and internships geared to women and minorities, evaluate the effectiveness of various strategies that aim to diversify the makeup of investment teams
• Learn why manager research teams put more value on managers where there’s diversity

Chairperson’s Summary of Day One
04:20pm - 04:30pm Eastern - September 14, 2020
Robert Boyda, Manulife Asset Management

Chairperson’s Day Two Opening Remarks
09:00am - 09:10am Eastern - September 15, 2020
Robert Boyda, Manulife Asset Management

The Changing Partnership Model
09:10am - 10:00am Eastern - September 15, 2020
Brian Bader, Axiom Investors; Stéphane Corsaletti, Allfunds; Rob Balkema, CFA, Russell Investments; Amit Popat, Mercer
• Adding value: discuss recent trends squeezing sub-advisors such as falling fees and higher service level expectations, and what to do about them
• Discover how boutiques can get an edge on the larger firms to take that shot
• Discuss the opportunities for sub-advisory partnerships with European private banks looking for a way of differentiating themselves

Rise of Indexation: Potential Pitfalls and Current Market Observation
10:10am - 10:55am Eastern - September 15, 2020
Alwi Chan, AXA Equitable Funds Management Group
$15 trillion AUM are controlled by three investment management firms and approximately the same amount of passive assets is licensed to three index providers – discuss the market structure issues and potential ramifications for the index securities themselves.
Leveraging US Capabilities Abroad
11:05am - 11:50am Eastern - September 15, 2020
Nick Samuels, Redington; Nimar Bangash, AGF Investments; James Dunham, William Blair Investment Management; David Baeckelandt, Cambridge Associates
  • Explore US investment strategies that can be brought to the Canada market to realize more opportunity
  • Understand the call to offer more sophisticated hedge fund-like strategies
  • Learn about opportunities in Australia, Japan, and other markets

Move the Odds in Your Favor: Research Insights for Successful Fund Selection
12:20pm - 01:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020
Adam Jordan, CIMA, AAMS, Paul R. Ried Financial Group; Philip DiDio, SECOR Asset Management; Rayman Bovell, CFA, HSBC Global Asset Management (USA); Brad Watterson, CFA, Touchstone Investments
• Identify attributes commonly found in winning funds as well as attributes that signal warning signs before the fact
• Learn to spot the misunderstood patterns of fund outperformance
• Understand why the right temperament is critical in fund investors

Advanced Analytics in Manager Research
01:30pm - 02:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020
Anoop Kumar, CFA, SECOR Asset Management; Matt Kummell, Citi
• Learn how behavioral analytics are used to assess money managers and stay ahead of the game
• Delve into the use of advanced analytics to catch known and unknown threats as they develop
• Identify the data and risk factors firms analyze to reduce compliance and operational risk

Chairperson’s Summary Remarks
02:20pm - 02:35pm Eastern - September 15, 2020
Robert Boyda, Manulife Asset Management

Zoom Room Speed Networking
02:35pm - 03:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020

In this very interactive session, conference participants are invited to ask allocators, gatekeepers, and industry experts hard-edge questions in an informal but time-limited setting. Have your elevator pitch and your questions ready!

Zoom Room Speed Networking: Rob Balkema
02:35pm - 03:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020
Rob Balkema, CFA, Russell Investments

Zoom Room Speed Networking: Mike Christiansen
02:35pm - 03:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020

Zoom Room Speed Networking: Hooman Kaveh
02:35pm - 03:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020
Hooman Kaveh, Mercer

Zoom Room Speed Networking: Josh Charlson
02:35pm - 03:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020
Josh Charlson, CFA, Morningstar

Zoom Room Speed Networking: Rich Tavis
02:35pm - 03:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020
Rich Tavis, PGIM Investments

Zoom Room Speed Networking: David Eisenberg
02:35pm - 03:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020
David Eisenberg, Cambridge Associates

Zoom Room Speed Networking: Kimberly Flynn
02:50pm - 03:20pm Eastern - September 15, 2020
Kimberly Ann Flynn, XA Investments